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Rubber Shredders

Old tyres and belts can be shredded down to 20mm to prepare Tyre Derived Fuel ou Tyre Derived Aggregates. It is a very efficient alternative fuel to be used in…

Grinding Media Sorting Machine (14)

Ball mill accessories

Keeping optimized ball size distribution in a ball mill is important. Sorting the balls according to their size will allow them to be recycled.

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Air Classification

Fine cut point can be achieved on dry material using air classification. Cut point can be as low as a few microns

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Mixing and metering

With over 30 years of experience, Sodimate is recognized as a leader in discharging, metering, conveying, injecting, mixing bulk materials and preparing slurry.

Iteca Rotary Cutter Sampler PGR 1


Many companies can provide samplers, but few can provide true samplers delivering representative samples. Silveranne and ITECA can offer devices and systems for a wide range of capacities and materials


Coarse screening

Big lumps can be coated with sticky Clay. In this case, combs and bar screens are the best answer for feeding and screening.



Fives has developed high efficiency low pressure pulse jet bag filters.


Impact and compression grinding

Bed compression and impact are widely used for fine grinding of raw mix and clinker

Trap (1)

Magnetic Protection

We can offer a full range of magnetic equipment to protect crushers or filters. They are used in dry or wet process, removing fine metallic particles or large rod.

inlet seals (2)

Kiln Seals

Kiln Seals leakage is wasting money in a kiln operation (Energy consumption up and production rate down). Silveranne and Iteca offer the best seals available on the market.