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Bale Opener

AF Bale Opening and Deagglomerating

AF are commonly packed and pressed to reduce volume for transportation and storage. When needed, bales are opened and expended.


AF Dosing

Because of their nature, dosing AF with std feeders is very difficult. Th best option today is to use DI MATTEO Weightubes.

Flash Drier

AF Drying

We’ll help you decide what is the best solution for drying your material, whether it’s a fluidbed or a rotary kiln our specialists have all the answers.

Drag chain conveyor

AF Transfer

SILVERANNE and its Partner Di Matteo can offer a wide range of Bulk Handling Equipment for various wastes including Alternative Fuels.

Grinding Media Sorting Machine (14)

Ball Mill Accessories

Keeping optimized ball size distribution in a ball mill is important. Sorting the balls according to their size will allow them to be recycled.


Coarse Separation

Big Limestone lumps can be coated with sticky Clay. In this case, roller or combs / bars screens are the best answer for feeding and screening.



Fives FCB has developed low pressure pulse jet bag filters while Sibilia focused on small high-efficiency cartridge dedusting filters.

Gamme TRD


Dust is considered harmful or dangerous to the health. SILVERANNE’s Partner RAM TECLINEA has been developing innovative solutions based on spraying active solution.

Fives FCB TSV 2

Fine Separation

Fine cut point can be achieved on dry material using air classification. Cut point can be as low as a few microns

inlet seals (2)

Kiln Accessories

Kiln Seals leakage is wasting money in a kiln operation (Energy consumption up and production rate down). Silveranne and Iteca offer the best seals available on the market.

Trap (1)

Magnetic Protection

We can offer a full range of magnetic equipment to protect crushers or filters. They are used in dry or wet process, removing fine metallic particles or large rod.

Iteca Rotary Cutter Sampler PGR 1


Many companies can provide samplers, but few can provide true samplers delivering representative samples. Silveranne can offer devices and systems for a wide range of capacities.

Tower type Unloader1

Ship Loaders and Unloaders

SILVERANNE as a sub-Agent of HAYES ENGINEERING can offer VIGAN ship Loaders and Unloaders. VIGAN is a leader in Europe for pneumatic unloading systems, with references on Phosphate and Alumina


Size Reduction

Primary crushing is widely done using jaw crushers. For secondary and tertiary crushing or further grinding, the most efficient way to grind material is using bed compression.



SILVERANNE has the solution for any suction problem you may have; Fines recovering or transfer, dedusting of a full plant or even Offices cleaning with a large industrial vacuum cleaner.

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