Dry vapor 3


Odours can be reduced using absorbant media in dry vapour or with dry scrubbing


Sugar screening

Fine material can be screened using tumbler screens or Sizers. Silveranne is able to provide a full range of screens, cutting from microns up to hundreds of millimetres.

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Mixing and metering

With over 30 years of experience, Sodimate is recognized as a leader in discharging, metering, conveying, injecting, mixing bulk materials and preparing slurry.


Pressure Filtration

To minimize water and energy consumption, filtration cakes have to be drier and drier. Efficient pressure filters are key equipment in the process.

Trap (1)

Magnetic Protection

We can offer a full range of magnetic equipment to protect crushers or filters. They are used in dry or wet process, removing fine metallic particles or large rod.

Screw Sampler

Sugar Sampling

Good analysis of Sugar crystals has to be done on a sample as much representative as possible. Iteca has a full range of Samplers.