Color analysing

Color analysing



  • Colour Monitoring


  • It enables to check the particle size specifications of the product during the different steps of its manufacturing allowing the production optimization:
     Decreasing of the production costs via a complete automation of the control
     Quality control
     Good reliable tracking of the production
     Avoiding the non conformities


  • Sugar
    • Monitor the sugar colour* in Real time
    • Display quality trends for each centrifugal and the overall production
    • Detect and sort the brown lumps, massecuite, high colour
    • Possibly divert the out-of-specs for recycling Trigger alarms and record video sequences on events
    • Optimize each centrifugal washing time to reduce the remelting of good sugar
    • Guarantee the quality of all sugar shipped to customer
    • Increase productivity and profitabilityAll Materials
  • Other Materials such as Calcium Carbonate